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One less Vista Machine!

I’ve lost patience with Vista and have gone back to Windows XP on my Vaio (using the Sony recovery DVDs which actually work pretty well!) as even Vista SP1 didn’t seem to fix much!

I’m going to be dual booting with the newly released version of Ubuntu which is 8.04 “Hardy Heron” I am trying to make the switch over to Linux on the desktop but there are somethings I miss. I am also going to try VirtualBox which is Open Source Virtual Machine software (like VMware) which seems to be backed by Sun Microsystems…

By Ollie Cronk

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2 replies on “One less Vista Machine!”

Hi, its nice to see that I’m not the only guy who got back to XP after using Vista SP1. How long did you bear? My Vista was fucked right after install (have the SZ3XWP/C – Vista was very very slow).

Concerning VirtualBox: +1 from me. I use it with Ubuntu 8.04 for work. Its nice, cause you can in the evening save the system state and in the morning get back to it without loosing data and time. Its a little bit slow, but for general activities its ok, I think.

And a second benefit: Downgrading to XP did not touch the Ubuntu-Virtualbox-“Harddisk” – I was ready for work some minutes after the XP installation completed.

Give it a try.

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