About Ollie Cronk

Ollie is an MBCS CITP certified Chief / Enterprise Architect (previously a Full stack Developer and DevOps lead mainly using LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and then Solutions Architect with a range of Web / Enterprise IT tech).

For more on my professional background check out my profile…

Stuff that I blog (or have blogged) about is generally along the lines of:

  • Software / Development Management / Strategy
  • Enterprise IT and other work related topics
  • Hardware/product guides and reviews
  • Hints and tips on software (Such as Adobe Premiere for DVD editing)
  • Open Source Software (eg Linux) and how I use it at home/work
  • Web Applications Development
  • Web Infrastructure (eg Servers, Technology Stack, Networking, Support…)
  • Cycling and Mountain Biking stuff
  • Other random stuff!

If you want to get in touch with me feel free – either leave a comment on this blog or find me on Twitter:



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