Ollie’s on the blogwagon!

I’ve held off for a while but now it seems that everyone has a blog these days! Scott Mills said on Radio 1 the other day that some people are even posting as their Cat’s on My Space… all very strange!

Anyway I’ve had quite a few things I’ve wanted to share on the web over the last few years but its always been such a hassle to get them online (mainly articles on techy stuff that others might find useful) hopefully using a blog will make it less painful!

Hopefully (if time permits) I plan on putting articles up on my experiences with Linux, Web Development, Mountain Biking & Life in general!

Let me know what you think of the design of the site – I’m not 100% happy with it – but it will do for now! The Blog itself is WordPress which I went for after trying LoudBlog which I came across on Hanni Ali’s Blog. The design is originally by I’ve just dropped in my Oliver’s Yard sign (Oliver’s Yard will be the name of my study/messy area in my new house!!) and tweaked it a bit.




By Ollie Cronk

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