Kyiv (Kiev) Notes and Tips

Watch out when using the Metro – until they update the signage (going to happen by 2012 apparently) even though you might have a map using Latin characters the station signs and route maps won’t. I worked out which line / tube by a geography and a process of elimation (eg I walked down this way to get here, the tube is heading this way and has 4 stops left on the route; the other way has lots more stops so its not the way I want to go!)

Should cost about 300UAH to get to centre from the Kiev to the Airport by Taxi.

Icy is an understatement – you’ll see what I mean when I get some pictures up here, crazily thick ice in places – I lost count of the amount of times I almost slipped over!

Good prices on Vodka in the Duty free!

More notes and some photos to be posted up in due course.

Going to be a busy couple of weeks at work by the looks of things…

By Ollie Cronk

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