One of life’s unanswered questions – How many packs of laminate floor can you get in a Renault Clio?

…. more than 18 it would seem! I could barely push the trolley out of the shop it was so heavy, when I got to the car I thought hmm maybe they aren’t all going to fit in. When we bought flooring before Kat & I fit about 8 packs in the old clio but this time I was alone I think the new model is a fair bit bigger – the bikes seems to go in it much easier anyway. Note that you can remove part of the back seats which helps fit them in!

18 packs of floor in the Clio!

Anyway thought this post might help / inspire owners of smaller cars to try getting larger items home in the car.

Note – I accept no responsibility for the damage to your car if you try this – the back of my car sagged quite a bit under the weight so I wouldn’t recommend driving far (I only had to go 3 miles home).

Hmm maybe this is a weird blog post – oh well at least its not about IT for once… 🙂

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