20 May 2014
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Started to upload the photos from LEJOGON – click here. Might take a while for me to get them all up there.

Now up to £5341 charity donations excluding gift aid which means we’ve hit our target which I am staggered by – but do keep the donations coming if you can! Click here for our charity page



18 May 2014
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We did it! More details including stats and all the photos to follow! Some bits on twitter and here is a YouTube of Nick swimming at JoG:

Nick takes a dip after #lejogon: http://youtu.be/lOPr3L_QCys

More soon – still feels surreal that we completed it and that other than feeling a bit tired I am ok!



17 May 2014
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As Anthony has a hard stop of 5.30 tomorrow as he us meeting his wife on one of the islands we decided to push on a bit further and then get up early tomorrow for the best chance of finishing all together. Plan B is that I will support getting Anthony to Jog, plan A is that we work as a team to get there together. We’ll see what happens tomorrow…

Surreal that we have nearly finished.

Dished out some “awards” last night:

Most improved rider Andy Dalby
Best Bike and Bag for the trip – AW
Best Human Satellite Unlink – NR
Best Strop – me

TEAM award for best angry charge on to an Arran Ferry we thought was leaving without us.

16 May 2014
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Thanks again for all your support its been amazing.

A reminder of the charity fundraising link:


16 May 2014
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Nick asked me to post this on his behalf:

I’d like to Thank

Obviously my wife….

James from The Malden Centre for making Andy and I bionic enough to do this.

Ed and the gang at Bright Cycles, New Malden, for making our bikes bionic enough to do this.

Roland and family at the Real Meat co butchers, next door for taking our bikes early hours and giving them to Ed. Plus supplying us with the finest protein you can buy.

The piper in the video is called Alan and the guy taking the picture is Ian.

The girl in the grocery store North of Hereford…need to Streetview it to work out the name of the shop. She gave us free Mars bars!

Quote of the week so far:

‘Remember, the pain will fade but the memories will last forever.’ – Mary, propriety at the John O’Groats Guest House, Broo.

‘No, don’t stop!’ – Andy, in his sleep, Windermere Youth Hostel.

More later perhaps.

15 May 2014
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So we are in Scotland. Yesterday was tough but with amazing views again and on the whole we stuck together and got through it as a team. We are looking forward to the ferry trips today. Getting bored of energy bars so starting to mix it up with some kendal mint cake and Tablet (I’m sure this will make my boss Jill smile :).

Thank you for your support – we are now over the £4000 mark which is amazing. Also special thanks to those we have dropped in on in particular my sister Jo who lives near the Lake district – she was holding on to some vital supplies and took a load of dirty kit from me to significantly lighten the weight of my bag for the hilly section…
Will try and keep the updates coming but need to prioritise rest and eating so we get through.

On a final note you MUST watch the crazy video Nick and Andy made yesterday. It’s on my twitter feed.

Thanks again

Ollie and the Rest of the lejogon ers!

11 May 2014
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Apologies for the lack of updates – see twitter (above) for photos and Strava (top right) for rides!

Thanks for everyone’s support so far.

09 May 2014
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If you’d like to track us in real time from tomorrow Nick is using and app on his phone:

click here

09 May 2014
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So I am now on my way to Lands End. Via Reading (of course!) as the train didn’t stop at Newbury.

The missus took a picture as I was leaving IMG_157776203065223

02 May 2014
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We’ve created a Strava club so you can see how much training we’ve been doing and also it shows our latest route plans:


We’re planning on getting out on our last proper training ride this weekend and then will be taking it easy to let the legs prepare for the onslaught that will be riding from one end of the country to the other!

Its fantastic that we have got to over £2,000. But if you’ve not sponsored us yet but would like to click here for our charity page.

Thanks for all your support – we are looking forward to it and slightly daunted in equal measure!


Andy, Anthony, Nick and Ollie