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January 06, 2013
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Been ages since I last posted and suspect it will be while before I post again – new job, kids and the fact that twitter is easier!

Have added a Strava widget to the right as have now seriously got into road cycling – have signed up for a few sportives this year including a 127 miler!

Cronk family is now bigger with the addition of our son Alfie.

Just about to start a new job in a new industry sector which is exciting.

Quick Tech good bad and ugly:

Good – Yahama RVX473 amp – amazing bit of Hi-Fi / Home Cinema kit, particularly paired with Boston Accoustics speakers. Very much enjoying this – in particularly the Airplay feature and the Smartphone and tablet apps which let you remote control it over Wifi!

Bad – Not much to report on this front. Still remain a bit unconvinced by Windows 8 – think it makes most sense if you have a touchscreen / tablet type device (HP Envy looks interesting).

Ugly – Am I the only one that thinks the front of the BMW 1 series looks horrible?

November 26, 2010
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So this blog will almost certainly become more bullet point and note based – I make no apologies for that!

My daughter Ella Cronk was born on the 28th Oct – a few days early! 1st Nov was due date. She was 6lbs 13. Now weighs 8lbs at time of writing.

Pregnancy & Birth were pretty straightforward but the first week wasn’t! In particular breastfeeding and weight loss.


  • Even if you plan to Breastfeed, have some ready made UHT formula on hand. We’ve been using Aptimil to great success (recommended and used by the NHS near us).
  • The books and advice don’t always work – take a blend of things and decide for yourself what is best.
  • Be prepared to get your baby cooler if she is too sleepy to feed at least once every 3 hours or so.
  • Nappy changes aren’t as bad as I thought they would be – in fact in most cases they are a nice opportunity to have some awake time with a newborn (they will spend a lot of time asleep).
  • We quickly learned that Medela kit for breast feeding is very good (as is the Philips Avent stuff according to friends and NHS staff). We’ve binned most of our Tommy Tippee stuff. This Amazon review (and the fact that its been reduced so heavily and the Medela hasn’t) says it all:

The good review says its not noisy – I don’t think they have have seen (and not heard) a Medela – ie you really can’t hear them – my wife and I have fallen asleep whilst its been on! No way that would happen with the TT one. We only got one use out of the TT before it stopped working.

Will try and keep up with the occasional new dad blog post if time allows!

Off to Wales for a cheeky short Mountain Biking blast (my first exercise since Ella arrived)!