About Ollie Cronk

Ollie in Berlin!Ollie is an MBCS CITP certified Enterprise IT Architect (previously a Developer mainly using LAMP РLinux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and Solutions Architect with a range of Web / Enterprise IT tech). Specialise in identifying and designing effective and efficient IT platforms to support a range of Data/Information/Process Management type applications in both the Private and Public sectors. I have a passion for re-usability, open standards and pragmatism.

In addition to Open Source and Development I’ve also had exposure to a range of other technologies (including general networking/servers) and worked in a range of verticals which often allows me to see the broader IT and business picture. But my main technical focus has been in the LAMP development area since going to Essex Uni to study Computer Science.

For more on my professional background check out my linkedin.com profile…

Stuff that I blog (or have blogged) about is generally along the lines of:

  • Software / Development Management / Strategy
  • Enterprise IT and other work related topics
  • Hardware/product guides and reviews
  • Hints and tips on software (Such as Adobe Premiere for DVD editing)
  • Open Source Software (eg Linux) and how I use it at home/work
  • Web Applications Development – specifically PHP/MySQL
  • Web Infrastructure (eg Servers, Technology Stack, Networking, Support…)
  • Cycling and Mountain Biking stuff
  • Other random stuff!

The design of this blog is from the Oliver’s Yard road sign which I found near a previous work place in Moorgate, London.

If you want to get in touch with me feel free – either leave a comment on this blog or find me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cronky



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