February 01, 2011
Filed Under (Technology) by Ollie Cronk on 01-02-2011

I am seriously impressed by Microsoft OneNote and the HP Tablet that I am now using. I realised I was creating quite a bit of waste paper from my notes – so have moved them electronically.

I have a workbook for work and one for personal tasks and sync the workbooks between my home and work folders which is really neat. I have been using this setup for several months (mostly using the keyboard although sometimes in meetings the stylus is a faster and easier way of capturing thoughts and diagrams).

Visio 2010 is pretty cool tool, I would have to say that Windows 7, Visio and OneNote are my top 3 Microsoft products right now!

Visio 2010 even has support for Inking and Multi-touch – http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visio/archive/2009/12/18/visio-2010-better-with-windows-7.aspx and the MS blog  has some other pretty handy tips: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visio/

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