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August 30, 2008
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Just got back from a Mountain Biking trip to Brechfa in South West Wales. We’ve never riden in Brechfa before and have to say it was a great change from Afan and the other trail centres we ride in Wales.

Photos are here:

August 30, 2008
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If your not having any joy when installing addons in Firefox 3 (sorry can’t remember the specific error message) – but nothing seem to fix it – even re-installing) we managed to confirm the fix today at work. Note that involves completely clearing all Firefox related info (so settings, bookmarks etc will be gone)…

* Uninstall Firefox
* Then make sure that the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox is completely gone
* Also clear out the C:\Documents and Settings\<<username>>\Application Data\Mozilla folder (it will probably still contain Firefox and Extensions directories)
* Re-install

Voila – you can install extensions again (like the brilliant FireBug)

This also works for Linux (had a similar issue at home with the Latest version of Ubuntu).

August 29, 2008
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So what do people think of Vista when they don\'t know its VistaOr is it just Microsoft cleverly going for the resistant adopters? Certainly smacks a bit of desperation though! The advert links to

August 26, 2008
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Busy at work (lots of EU related stuff at the moment) and have now got some new toys including a PS3 80GB (one with the dual shock rumble pad) – so don’t expect many posts in the near future!!

I’m sure I’ll get the blogging bug again before too long………

August 14, 2008
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If your a facebook user then you’ll want to check out the new design:  which is a vast improvement – sharing content link URLs and photos is now mega easy compared to the old site.

Also I discovered badges on FB tonight too – here’s mine which I’ve inserted into the sidebar of this WordPress powered blog (this is easy to do in the admin – just edit the sidebar.php file in design -> theme editor). I guess I’ll have to watch what I put as my status message now though..!