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September 24, 2015
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Technology related stuff is going on LinkedIn posts and the new blog on the Internet of Safety (now offline).

For my LinkedIn posts click here.

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May 02, 2014
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We’ve created a Strava club so you can see how much training we’ve been doing and also it shows our latest route plans:

We’re planning on getting out on our last proper training ride this weekend and then will be taking it easy to let the legs prepare for the onslaught that will be riding from one end of the country to the other!

Its fantastic that we have got to over £2,000. But if you’ve not sponsored us yet but would like to click here for our charity page.

Thanks for all your support – we are looking forward to it and slightly daunted in equal measure!


Andy, Anthony, Nick and Ollie




January 27, 2010
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Exciting stuff – watch this space! 🙂

June 04, 2009
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Photos from recent Wales Mountain Bike trip:

Ollie riding in Wales

Ollie riding in Wales

This photo was taken on my SLR – starting to get better shots out of it…

May 16, 2009
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This error message has been annoying the hell out of me anytime I try and do anything with my packages on my Ubuntu server:

subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 2

Following the instructions at (expect that I had to comment out the line set -e with a # and hey presto package installation and removal works again!

Phew.  Sometimes Linux still requires hacking about – but I guess at least you can get in there and fix things once you know how – unlike the dll-registry hell / black box of Windows!

August 30, 2008
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Just got back from a Mountain Biking trip to Brechfa in South West Wales. We’ve never riden in Brechfa before and have to say it was a great change from Afan and the other trail centres we ride in Wales.

Photos are here:

June 19, 2008
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Ever wanted to produce a movie style (okay Movie-ish!) DVD cover for a personal video project? Well I’ve come up with a photoshop template that allows for printing on to A4 card (and then trimming to fit) to do the insert that goes under the clear plastic on a standard DVD box. Note that this folds so the section on the left will be on the back, the middle will be the spine and the right will be – yep you guessed it – the front.
DVD Cover template thumbnail

You can either buy new DVD boxes (tesco sell them reasonably cheap) or take an old DVD case (like the ones you get with free DVD’s you get with Magazines or old game cases) and remove the existing insert replacing it with your own. If you print / trim carefully you can get it to show the label along the spine perfectly – this sometimes takes some trial and error!

This photoshop template is quite large (as its high res and designed for good quality print output) so I have zipped it up – get it by clicking this link. I’ve also exported it to JPG in case photoshop is of no use and you want the general idea. You can be as simple or as creative as you want with this basic design – I tend to throw a few stills from the video (or even better similar shots from a digital camera as they are better quality) on the case.

Hope this is useful – I am making this available for non-commerical usage only – please contact me if you are using this for profit making projects (although I’d doubt you would want to – as its not really polished enough!)

Whilst doing this I discovered which is where I am hosting the file from as its quite large – pretty impressive and very quick (no registration is needed which is a bonus).